Recap of Good Times with the Young Naturists at Sunny Rest Nudist Resort

Sunny Rest Visit May 17-19, 2013
Guest site by: Todd Quigley
Once I checked in at the Sunny Rest office, I parked the car and headed over to the restaurant expecting to locate some of the FKK folks. Sure enough, I discovered them eating nudegrandma outside the restaurant seated poolside. I pulled up a chair and had dinner. The food was great and the cost was not bad. We spent quite a while just chatting, catching up with each other.
We then split up with some of us going to the sauna and some (including myself) going to the hot tub. The hot tub is in the newly renovated barn along with the pub, pool table, and night club. There’s a glass wall dividing the hot tub from the pool table and bar area that’s fine as it keeps the volume down in the hot tub place. I sat myself down and instantly felt relaxed! I and several others sat in the bathtub and conversed for a few hours. I must say the regulars at Sunny Rest were all very welcoming and friendly!
After a while we got out and headed up with the others to the young naturist camping area to meet up with Charles, who was hosting this FKK get-together. We hung out at his trailer for a bit and chatted. Regrettably, my energy level was dropping and I needed to head back to my motel.
Sunny Rest
Sunny Rest Nudist Resort FKK Weekend Day 2
I woke up the next morning, showered, and headed back around to Sunny Rest. I stopped in at the restaurant for breakfast while awaiting the other FKK’ers to wake up! After a yummy veggie omelet, home fries, and toast, a handful of the group came down to breakfast. Again, we had some great dialogue! This morning was a entertaining bare yoga course with Phyllis upwards in the Night Club. After that, a fantastic hike through some trails on Sunny Rest’s substantial property.
After the hike it was time for lunch at the restaurant on site! We then decided to reach the dialogue pool for some time even though it was drizzling. It turned out amazing! The light mist combined with the warm pool felt amazing. A few from the group went over to the poolside bar and signed on the karaoke list. Eventually several of our members had their opportunity! Everyone from our group sounded great. A few of the regulars were quite great also.
Evening eventually rolled around and we headed in for dinner. After another hearty meal at the restaurant, I headed up to among the FKK member’s room with 3 others. We had a good time chatting and getting to know each other! At 9pm we got together around a bonfire. One of the guys began telling tons of jokes. He must have memorized 1,000 of them! He was a blast to listen to.
Sunny Rest’s New Night Club
Late that evening was the grand opening of the recently renovated night club with free wine and cheese. Since I’m never one to turn down free cheese, I headed over with a few others to check it out. About 90 percent of the people there wore regular night club clothes. The other 10 percent wore considerably less than would be allowed at a non-naturist night club – some were even nude! There was much fun to be had dancing and speaking!
Sunny Rest Nudist Resort FKK Weekend Day 3
I headed back to Sunny Rest despite the colder weather and rain. I’m happy I did because I got to see several buddies before they headed out. We said our farewells, and made plans to keep in touch! After another breakfast plus some folks left, I went to the hot tub. I got to spend time conversing with a few people who were still about. This is the best part – all the friendly people to speak to!
Only a little after I went to acquire some lunch. Again I ran into a few FKK’ers and some others we met the day before. We chewed the fat at lunch, and the couple we met earlier seemed most interested in learning more about FKK and needed to join up! Afterward, nearly everyone had left.
I decided to take a dip in the hot tub yet another time. Again, a couple of folks were still around to chat with. Eventually I had to get out and prepare to leave. But not before a delicious pulled pork BBQ sandwich at the bar with some new friends!
Finally I said my good-byes and headed back home. I wish I could remain forever, leaving is the most difficult part!
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Is The Request For More Clothes-Elective Regions Worthwhile or A Huge Waste of Time?

Guest blog
White House Request for Clothing-Elective Areas
More clothes-optional areas – For those of you unaware, on January 13th, Larry Darter of the Dallas Examiner created a “We the People” petition that calls for all Federal lands to have clothing-optional areas. It’s puttered along for a few weeks and AANR has put their stamp of approval on it. Now it’s just over 2,500 signatures of the 100,000 wanted. With just two weeks to go, it doesn’t look like it’ll meet it’s goal. I ‘ve a slightly different position.
Initially, just 5,000 signatures were desired for the White House to issue a reply. Quickly after launching, the number jumped to 25,000 and today it’s 100,000. Even with the number of signatures needed ever increasing, achieving the goal doesn’t guarantee an official statement. In the past there have been requests to label GMO food, legalize pot, and close Guantanamo Bay that have all exceeded the demands, but still fell on deaf ears. The White House is just cherry picking what they deem relevant and will get them the most press. Even if this petition for more clothing-optional outdoor spaces does reach its target and the White House decides it as among their significant issues, there is absolutely no indicator the response will really address the problem or be serious by any means.
We the People White House Request
Another thing to mention is that there currently aren’t any national laws against informal, non sexual nudity. All of the laws on record have been made strictly by the states. The implication of the petition is that every national park and forest would quarter off sections for clothing-optional use. From then on, who orders where these clothing-optional areas are? Or how about the rear of any cave occupied by a grizzly bear? Sure, they’re clothing-optional also. Now, with government sanctioned clothing-optional places around the place, there would need to be way to command all the naked people from wondering out of their designated places. It wouldn’t be long before a federal law was signed, making all nonsexual nudity prohibited. By taking this to the national level, there’s the potential of it backfiring, because there is really nothing to legalize.
Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a world with more nudie areas. It’d be great if I turned out to be erroneous, and the petition ended up receiving an official, favorable answer in the White House. FKK did post about the request on fuck beach girl and Twitter. Getting approval of the human anatomy is what it’s about. But when it comes to social nudity, I don’t believe that creating little clothing-optional zones is the answer, and by utilizing the government’s “We The People” web site, with its insignificant responses and lackluster track record, doesn’t help with the credibility of the cause.
It should be noted the Naturist Action Committee issued an advisory responding to the petition (link below). Rather than encourage everyone to sign, NAC essentially said they leave it up to the individual to determine whether to sign it.
This guest site about the White House Petition for Clothes-Optional Areas was published by – Young Naturists and Naturists America
The Petition
Petition’s Created by Larry Darter
NAC’s Advisory Reply to the Request
Darter’s Follow Up Article Addressing NAC’s Response
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life. But the uncertainties consistently vanished when I trekked.

experience that doubt just melted away.
I discovered how “blind” I was before, smothering almost my whole organ of touch with garments. Hiking clothed
was like trekking with my hands over my eyes and peeking
through little slits between my fingers.
Feeling nature on every square inch of my body was exquisite. I craved the touch of the wind where it had never
touched me before. I could feel the slightest changes in temperature. The connection I felt with nature was palpable.
I’d learned about
a trail called Negro Bill Canyon that had a convention of naked
hiking, and I needed to check it out.
extended through a tall slot canyon with a perennial stream
running through it. Trees and vegetation filled the foundation, and
Moab’s characteristic reddish stone towered above.
After the halfway point, the trail rose above the plant life
and plunged into a side canyon. Austere attractiveness surrounded
me—cliffs and rock formations here, a somewhat formed arch
there, all blazing with colour.
the end of the trail I found a small
shaded cove beneath a big arch.
Water trickled down a slit in the wall,
and I knew that drip would become
a waterfall during a rainstorm. The
water formed a small pool in the
middle of the cove. The shadiness and
Wetness cooled and refreshed me.
On my way back, a storm swept in.
The skies crackled with thunder and
lightning, and the wind funneled
through the canyon. I walked through
a narrow corridor with willow-like
trees thrashing on either side of me. At
the trailhead, I lay with my naked
back against an apartment,, sun-heated boulder
and let the wind and raindrops pelt
and chill the top of me. The sense
was indescribable!
When the wind beginning pelting me
It was

But there was one more
trail I needed to investigate that was farther up the highway from
Negro Bill Canyon. I decided to take a quick peek at that trail
before driving into town for lunch.
I’d learned about it in a
book on hiking trails in Utah. It was supposed to be a gold
eons. The storm had subsided, but it had done its job and
cleared any other hikers out. Nude, I stepped out of my vehicle and examined the area.
this would be an incredible hike.
I decided to walk up the trail—just a little to check it out—
even though I was starving and had left my water bottle in the
Automobile. But as I walked, increasingly more fascinating contours came
into view, enticing me to walk a little further, and a little further, and a little farther. . . .
The principal formations came into view, and they were breathless. Tall towers that looked like cathedrals and grotesque
statues straight out of Lord of the Rings loomed above me. There
was an eagle head, a gargoyle, titanic sundials. One formation
looked for all the world like a Planet of the Apes variant of Mt.
Amazement is the only word I can use to describe my feelings. I ‘d
never seen anything like it. As I trekked and admired the view, I
meditated on the exquisite beauty of nature, on the deep connectedness I felt to God’s creations enhanced by my embracing
of naturism. I was also considering sharing the principles of
naturism with others.
At one point, I became so overwhelmed with the panorama
before me that I cried out, “I ‘m seeing the hand of God!”
Instantly I was blasted with an indescribable power that
washed through my entire body.
I had felt the Spirit of the Lord

before, but this was more intense than anything I’d experithe bishop changed to the policy on wearing garments. He
enced in my life.
And went on. The burning engulfed me as I trekked on,
leaders about wearing garments night and day and read it to
It wouldn’t let up. Five
me. I pointed out the sentence in that statement that says that
The trail brought
how one wears the garment is a judgement between the indime higher above the Colorado River valley, and the view from
vidual and the Lord. I told him that I did wear my garments
Upwards there was astounding. Before me stretched never-ending miles of
day and night, and meant to for the remainder of my life, but that
red desert and exotic formations, and through it cut a path of
I considered naturist encounters were one of those times when
green on either side of the river’s blue ribbon. The river
the wearing of garments was impractical, since it is impossible
stretched across my view laterally, and then plunged away into
to wear garments when striving to be naked.. I told him I

A business executive may wear a suit to work, but prefer to vacation at a resort where clothing is optional. Those who picked nudism as a manner of lifeare not ashamed of their choice. Instead, many of them make the conscious choice to keep specific portions of the lifestyle confidential as a personal taste.

Is a naturist naked all the time?
Who can be a Naturist?
Nudism is chiefly about approval. People who choose this lifestyle understand that nakedness is the natural human state. There are no size or appearance conditions. Individuals of all shapes and sizes may find independence and enjoyment through going without clothes. Nudism is an action of self love; a declaration the personwholly loves and accepts their entire being.
It’s also a great way to get beyond the superficiality that’s often governed by garments. Since nudists operate under the doctrine of entire body approval for themselves, this approval stretches to all the people around them. Consequently, nude recreation contributes to some relaxing atmosphere that is free of judgment.
Who could be a Nudist?
Actually, many individuals who strive naturism for the very first time are amazed at how liberated and comfortable they feel without clothes.
They have been able to love the feeling of the sun and the wind over their whole body, and they value having the ability to concentrate on the world around them rather than being concerned with their look.
Although a lot of individuals choose to attempt nudism on their own or within a couple, those new to the lifestyle should take note the clothing free lifestyle is a family-friendly selection.
Where can a nudist be naked?
Where can naturists be nude?
Is a naturist someone who’s interested in orgies and sex?
Most individuals who are unfamiliar with naturism are shocked to discover that it can be a family-friendly pursuit. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand that naturism isn’t sexual.
Most who commonly practice the lifestyle come to accept the body as merely an instrument. They derive no improper delight or rush from viewing other naturists.
They simply welcome their peers as fellow devotees of a lifestyle that embraces the freedom of nudity as your own selection.
Being a nudistis not for everyone, but millions of individuals around the globe love living without clothing for at least some portion of these lives.
People who try it generally find liberty and acceptance they hadn’t previously believed was possible.
Is a nudist someone who’s interested in orgies and sex? Harbin Hot Springs Review
Our Visit to Harbin Hot Springs:
The place was reduced to ashes, though the pools did allegedly endure. We do not know if there are plans to ever rebuild it, but we are very much saddened by the loss of this wonderful area.
If you are looking for recommendations for other clothing-optional resorts with hot springs in California, have a look at my review ofWilbur Hot Springs.

Before this month Jordan and I wound up in California once again, on a last minute mini-holiday. Our first destination was Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, California, a small north of Napa Valley.
But now I’ve seen lots of areas with man made, spring-fed pools, and I guess this really is considerably more common. Harbin has a mineral water supply from local springs. And looks like most of these hot springs in California are clothing-optional.
Harbin isn’t only hot springs, but a refuge centre. There are yoga classes daily, by gift. Health Spa services and bodywork sessions will also be available to book, for example massage and Watsu. At nighttime they show free films (recent releases) and have events like Kirtan with music and dancing. You will find all kinds of workshops going on every week too, which are arranged independently.
There isn’t any WiFi and quite little cell service, and that is on purpose. The complete area is supposed to be a technology-free zone, and cell phone use isn’t allowed beyond the parking lot. (Of course this means photography is prohibited at the same time.) The thought will be to leave your electronic equipment behind to unplug and relax for . appealed in my experience.

Naturism And Naturists Defined and Described

Learning about naturism and naturists in the pros at FKK:
Before we begin explaining and defining naturism and naturists, below are some posts you may want to read first. These articles will give you the terms which can be used in the naturist world as good as some basic facts about naturism:
Why Naturism Improves Self Esteem
Naturism and Children
Naturist Resorts
Young Naturists and Young Naturism
Naturist Organizations
Naturist Defined
What’s the Definition of Naturism?
Naturism is formally defined as: The practice of going naked in designated areas. That is the dictionary definition.
Another commonly mentioned definition of the word “naturism” comes from the International Naturist Federation: A lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, and characterized by self respect of individuals with different opinions and of the surroundings.
Within the naturist community, there’s no set definition of the word, but the INF’s definition is often used and agreed upon.
What’s the Definition of Naturism?
Where did Naturism Begin and What’s the Naturist Philosophy?
Early thoughts that have been integrated into the naturist philosophy of today are rooted in Germanic ideals of health and fitness that prospered in the early 20th century.
The return to nature, as man was thought to be, is at the heart of naturist ideal system. From Germany, the principles and ideals of Naturism spread throughout Europe and to North America.
Founded in 1949, it recommend for integrating sports into the naturist lifestyle.
Where did Naturism Begin and What’s the Naturist Philosophy?
Naturist vs Naturist:
Becoming a part of the FKK naturist community involves considerably more than merely living a clothes-free lifestyle. The naturist lifestyle, according to the FKK philosophy, is also about acceptance, equality, respecting others and valuing the environment.
Naturists can and should really use nudity as a means of enacting positive changes, both individually and socially.
The term “naturism” is basically interchangeable with “nudism” in the U.S. So it goes without saying that for the most part a naturist is a naturist and vice versa. The word naturist is more widely used in Europe and naturist is more widely used in America.
But some of US will make different distinctions between both. Some claim that a naturist is someone who enjoys being unclothed while in an all-natural setting for example a forest, lake or unclothed and a nudist will enjoy being unclothed constantly and every opportunity they get.
Some will say that being a naturist means being focused on a naked lifestyle, and that naturists only participate in social nudismsometimes.
That said, for all intents and purposes and notably in America, the terms are interchangeable.
Whether you call yourself one or the other, both pretty much like the same kind of activity. The tasks which they participate in and the places they see are exactly the same. Both like to go to the plage, visit naturist resorts, enjoy social naturism and societal nudity as a whole.
Naturist vs Naturist
You’ll find millions of individuals worldwide who call themselves naturists. Most of them can be found in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.
Surveys and surveys reveal that over a third of Americans have skinny dipped or sunbathed nude sooner or later in their own lives.
They’re often believed to be “swingers,” or folks who otherwise experience sexual gratification from being nude around others who are also naked.
However, naturists are just ordinary people that love going nude for reasons that have nothing to do with sex. Many of them feel the sensation of warm sun on their skin is among the greatest feelings they have ever had. Some even like feel on exposed skin.
People who desire to know what a naturist seems like, should simply take a look at the folks around them. The tough guy in the business suit before you on the bus who’s reading the morning paper with this kind of serious look on his face might well love spending his leisure time at naturist resorts.
The officer who gave you that speeding ticket last month could also be a practicing naturist.
There’s simply no way to tell if a person prefers to spend time unclothed unless he or she tells you. Naturists will not be part of some secret society, they do not have a special handshake or use code to communicate with one another. They are, quite simply, everyday people.
Naturists and The Naturist Lifestyle
Is There A Dedication Requirement To Really Being A Naturist?
The range of commitment among naturists runs from a casual day at the sand to integrating the ideals into every facet of life. Some are greatly committed to the entire naturist doctrine; others just love being clothing-free.
The ideals of naturists traditionally contain valuing the environment, healthy living and accepting others as they’re. Of course, each club and person has variations within their beliefs.
Those devoted to the naturist lifestyle seek home in areas which might be either designated as naturist or clothes-optional, or are remote enough to offer the freedom to live without clothing.
Is There A Commitment Requirement To Really Being A Naturist?

Soon however, the board had to admit its need for some help. Having become rather adept at finding anti-nudity laws even before it became known to the general public, and learning techniques to conquer it in legislative committees, NAC desired to expand on its own success. In 1995 NAC established the Naturist Action Committee Area Representative plan. NAC Place Representatives, or NACARs, are FKK members who are willing and able to manage a selected geographical region as an assistant to the NAC board member covering that area. For instance, someone from a strand support group in California might become a NACAR to track actions at that specific shore for the NAC board member covering California. THE NACAR would also be in a standing locally to be careful for any city, county, or state anti-nudity legislation. If bills, ordinances, or changes in law enforcement arise, the NACAR would be in a great position to garner support from local naturists to help NAC defend the region’s naturist independence. In 1996 NEF created an comparable program of Naturist Education Foundation Area Representatives (i.e. NEFARs) who want to help NEF in encouraging naturism, but who are not particularly interested in doing the political or legislative work on which NAC tends to focus much of its energy. After going through the learning process of creating and breaking up the NLC, NNLC, and ACFRI, The Naturist Society appears to have hit upon a recipe for success with NAC. In 1998, the highest activist group for naturism boasted a 96 percent success rate in challenging anti-nudity laws. There’s today a reliable core of committee members, NACARS, professional volunteers, and monetary contributors. In 1994 NAC kept Washington lobbyist Scootch Pankonin to help the board on federal and state nudity policy and legislation issues. Coupled with the monthly NAC/NEF Newsletter and timely letters to specific regions, the NAC Alerts have proven priceless in marshaling immediate grassroots naturist support when the need arises. If it’s true that success is imitated, subsequently NAC has much to boast of. In the last few years the American Association for Nude Recreation has watched NAC develop and demonstrate its effectiveness with a comparatively modest budget. In the late 1990s, AANR has responded both to its club members’ request to direct focus to nude use of public properties and to its trustees’ incredulity that NAC, with a little fraction of AANR’s legal defense fund, could get a whole lot more realized.

As FKK has NAC, now AANR has GAT (Government Affairs Team). Monitoring the benefits of NAC’s NACAR plan, GAT has recently formed a similar GAT Member Plan. After NAC determined not to give half control of its NAC Alerts around to AANR, GAT developed its own on-line L.A.W. (Legislative Recognition Watch) . Now GAT has all but duplicated NAC in its organization and fashion. GAT is attempting to use its grassroots resources (vast as they are), but the authority still has a tendency to stay fairly top heavy. NAC’s “power” to the degree it has any, remains firmly rooted in the FKK membership. The NAC board takes as its duty to assist people, clubs, and other naturist groups as they submit ideas for defending or improving naturist independence. In a fresh millennium, when business and corporate paradigms are taken , a volunteer grassroots organization might seem anachronistic. But so far it has worked astonishingly well.
Clothed With The Sun Becomes N: Nude & Natural

Lars Egeland Writes Editorial About Natural Nudity & Body Image in Norway

Natural Nudity – This year, 2013, is an election year in Norway. On September 9th, the nation’s citizens will choose the government which is in place for the next four years. Compared to the United States and many other nations, Norway has very little to worry about economically or socially. Which is in part why the subsequent editorial by current parliament member Lars Egeland the only openly naturist member of parliament stuck out from all of the other election-year rhetoric.
But from a policy point of view, it’s a leader on issues of environmentalism, equality and thanks to Egeland body approval. In the editorial below, Egeland discusses his feelings about naturism from both a personal and political view.
This really is a translation of Egeland’s editorial.
Natural Nudity – Lars Egeland, Member of Parliament for the Socialist Left Party
At precisely the same time they have been so shy that they do not dare shower nude after gym class at school. 70 percent of all middle schools in Norway report that students shower in boxer shorts. But it doesn’t merely have to do with the youthful. Water parks all over Norway have had to start a campaign called Consistently Shower Nude. As Wenche Bjornebekk said in an editorial in Aftenposten before this year: young girls know everything about anal sex, but have never seen their classmates naked.
We’ve created a disagreement which was unthinkable a couple of years ago: Is it a breach of human rights that students don’t get to shower alone? Those people who are accustomed to undressing in the locker room and going into the showers begin to wonder if we are viewed as exhibitionists?
Is this a hygiene problem that merely concerns how much chlorine is in the pools and rebuilding group showers to single booths? Regrettably not. It’s to do with poor self-perception that truly makes many folks emotionally sick.
The Red Cross’ service in Norway for kids and youth reports a rise in inquiries from young people who have a poor relationship with their own bodies. Use of doping materials and growth hormones is on the rise to not improve performance in sports, but to get the ideal body. A body which isn’t just skinny, but also muscle. A British study recently revealed that nearly one third of young girls would trade away one year of life to have a perfect body. Researchers note the correlation between poor body image and dependency problems including drug use or eating disorders.
But is it a paradox, or a correlation coefficient? If the model for what the body should be comes from pornography and advertising, it is natural that many individuals will feel bad about their bodies.
I ‘ve been a naturist for many years and considered it a private matter. But is has become steadily clearer for me the body is, in addition, politics.
I have only believed that it provides a feeling of freedom to swim and sunbathe without clothes. At exactly the same time I have experienced the body-focus and sex-fixation of textile beaches is nonexistent on naturist beaches. Bikinis and bathing suits create more sex-focus than when everyone is naked. This is especially pertinent in regards to children, who at a steadily younger age are subjected to sexualization. After having seen several thousand men and women without clothes I have learned that very few have the sort of encounter in digitally-controlled advertising pictures. They’re fat, thin, short or tall not to mention young and old. And it’s quite hard to say that one body type trumps all the others. People are different which is the variety that is certainly wonderful.
The association to nudity is a cultural happening. Many Norwegians are shocked when they come to some German sauna where it truly is unimaginable to have swimwear on. The German philosophy is rooted in hygiene, but also in relaxation and well being. And so come people of ages and genders to spend the evening together.
We do not say no to stripping because we believe the nude body is wrong or offensive. You will still have the ability to strip for your own partner without concern with being hit with any moratorium! But the commercial stripping market is closely tied to prostitution. It truly is not liberating when guys pound beers and look at nude women as objects. Both stripping and porn live by double standards. It is no accident that porn’s capital is the Usa a country where folks have strong opinions about nude skin.
It was as part of this subsection that I urged one of the measures should be laying the basis for more natural nudity as an example, by supporting naturism. Whether or free teen nudist pics decides to swim naked can not be regulated by a party platform. But it can have meaning if we, as a political party, express an opinion about promoting natural nudity ahead of more taboo-making of the body.
My recommendation contains a recognition that naturists have worked to create safe assembly areas as defined in the by laws of the Norwegian Naturism Association: a lifestyle in harmony with nature, expressed by societal nudity without regard to gender and with the aim of increasing self respect, respect for other people and others’ opinions, and respect for the surroundings.
Nobody can force someone to favor nudity. But the experiences of other countries reveal that if nudity is a more available alternative, you will find more people that will choose it. If the road to the naturist beach was shorter, if there was an opportunity for family swimming with a common changing room at the swimming hall, more people would perhaps grow up with a more natural relationship to the human body.
We are dependent on society to evaluate the chances for such body-oppression-free zones and place the basis for there to be more of them. It’s but one measure that can be taken to get people to feel content just as they are.
This post about Lars Egeland and his stance on Natural Nudity was released by -Young Naturists and Naturists America FKK
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