Matters naturist. I admired his fiery and determined free spirit

and multi faceted life. From his love of art, theater, and lit

erature to his belief in freedom from censorship and regulate

ment domination, Lee faced life headlong, fighting bigotry
and close-mindedness every step of the method. Throughout the
Really beginning of the first naturist movement Lee fought
for pupil and societal rights. Finally, he founded the Free
Seashores Documentation Center in his hometown of Oshkosh,
Wisconsin. Its inaugural publication was called
Clothed with the
, which is how I first discovered TNS. Lee and TNS became
a source of great strength in the early years of our 40-year-plus
battle to keep Wreck Beach in British Columbia both undevel

oped and free.
I accepted Lee’s invitation to my first TNS naturist gathering
in the mid-80’s at Lupin Lodge, outside of Los Gatos, California.
So began many years of camaraderie as Lee, through the
Naturist Society, mentored us through a ton of Crash
Shore conflicts. And buttressing his support always, was his tower
of strength, his treasured Johanna.
A kaleidoscope of pictures come to mind of Lee: The

wonderful photo of him, Phineas and Johanna frolicking in a
Verdant tropical pool, the one from a past
World Guide
…he and
Johanna on the cover of
Magazine while they were at the
INF Congress in Europe…his astonishing sense of humor and excellent
intelligence (he was so bemused by the fact that I raised 1500
crickets in my float house, that he gifted me with a solid sil

ver cricket belt buckle which I still cherish.)…his impassioned
Addresses at TNS Parties, and his unyielding defense of
naturism… Lee on the TNS naked bus tour of Europe (but level

ticularly his nude market shopping in Limit d’Agde). It was my
Amazing honour to have been given the 2006 Baxandall Naturist
Direction Award “in recognition of extraordinary volunteer ser

vice on behalf of naturism.”
Lee has left us an unparalleled naturist legacy, but above
all, his love and loyalty made him our great buddy.
Blessed us!
We are forever indebted, Lee. We salute you with love,
Judy and Your Wreck Beach Family
For what it’s worth, you and the others at Naturist
Society headquarters are in my ideas. I am
sorry to learn of Lee Baxandall’s passing.
Christopher Dyer
Lee Baxandall attended the
second Camping Bares Deeply
Creek campout in February 1977
three years before he founded
the Naturist Society. It had to
be the spectacle of big num

bers of nudists dancing around a
raging campfire in freezing
winter weather that sold him on
the plan for a national Fkk
Bob Holden
He was a visionary
and an inspiration to
us all.
Mike Abramson
Lee presenting Judy Williams a Lifetime TNS
Nude beach etiquette is a set of standards, frequently left unsaid. It leaves wrongdoers without the excuse of ignorance. Etiquette advises newcomers what to expect and that they’re not by yourself. Nobody should believe they are confronting primitive individuals alone. If you desire to think of it in relation to rules, there are only three.

1) Respect the boundaries. The plage you save may be . Don’t go out of established bare areas. To roam naked into garments compulsive terrain may offend many, and puts the entire beach at risk. No obvious intercourse. Nude isn’t lewd, but joined with sex, it undermines our image and could cost us our freedom and enjoyment of the beach.

2) Respect the people. Don’t photograph people without their permission. It really is common courtesy to ask first. Not everyone wants to end up in a stranger’s photo album. Never photograph any children but your own. Respect the privacy of others. If there is lots of room, then give people a considerable distance. Recognize when you’re unwanted.

3) Respect the shore. Package it in, pack it out. If you carried it in, you must carry it back out. It’s recommended that you pack out a little more than you packaged in. Not everyone packs theirs out and much trash washes up from other shores. Speak up for our standards. If someone seems unaware of beach etiquette, explain it kindly and plainly. Give them a copy of “Nude Beach Etiquette”. Don’t let uncouth individuals destroy our frail and under the sun. The strand you save could be your own!

Below are practical guidelines of good sense and courteous conduct to help guarantee
everyone will have a safe and enjoyable time at this event. Some guests at this Gathering may be
new to naturism, and will look to the remainder of us as role models for the lifestyle. Help us wel-
come them and make them comfy by honoring and practicing the etiquette below.
*Mind club rules regarding parking, trash removal, pool/hot tub/sauna use, smoking, sound,